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Chaopaku course \ 2500 【7 items in total】

Chaopaku course \ 2500 【7 items in total】

By using a coupon2500 Yen

tax included

  • 7items
  • 28persons
Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 22:00
Available days for reservation
Monday · Wednesday · Sunday · Holiday before holidays · Holidays

It is only a meal only course focusing on our popular menu using Pakuchi! You can afford the last order of the last order for 90 minutes at + 1500 yen.

Course menu

1. Namul of Pakuti and sprouts

2. Pakuchi salad

3. Raw spring roll of avocado and cream cheese

4. Water juice pasta soup

5. Porky and shrimp fried with shrimp

6. Pakuchi fried rice

7. Park Jin tofu

2018/10/15 update